keep growing

Welcome! Orchid Wellness & Mentoring was founded by Renée Goff, Psy.D, PMH-C, licensed clinical psychologist and perinatal mental health certified professional, to help meet the increasing need of those wanting to make changes, those needing some guidance or gentle nudging in their lives, and for those who are in the perinatal period or have experienced perinatal loss. It is never too late to make positive changes, receive support, and to keep growing. Please have a look around and see if Dr. Goff is the right fit for you! 


Currently, Dr. Goff is offering individual therapy and life coaching/mentoring via telehealth only to clients 18+. Please see the Services page for services offered and the FAQ page for more information on individual therapy, walk and talk therapy (Spring 2022), and mentoring.

Due to the pandemic combined with the unique needs of those in the prenatal and perinatal period (pregnancy through infant's first year), as well as those experiencing perinatal loss, priority will be given to these clients in regards to wait list. 

All appointments are telehealth only and are currently offered on Tuesdays 9am-3pm; Wednesdays 9am-3pm; and Thursdays 9am-3pm. 


**Orchid Wellness & Mentoring is a safe space for those who identify as poly, KINK, and/or LGBTQIA2S+.

“If there's dark clouds coming up, they'll leave again, they always do." 

Noel Gallagher - Oasis

“...there are many seasons to feel bad, sad, mad. It's just a bunch of feelings that we have to hold but I am here to help you with the load." 

Francis Healy - Travis

“...when there's a doubt within your mind because you're thinking all the time. Framing rights into wrongs- move along, move along..." 

Ben Gibbard - Death Cab for Cutie