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Perinatal Mental Health

Don't Forget About Dads and Partners!

There's a misconception that dads don't or shouldn't need therapy. However, therapy is for everyone! Often, dads and non-birthing partners are forgotten. The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and come with its own set of unique challenges. Seeking out support can help you navigate this journey in your new role, which is filled with changes. It'll allow you to not feel so isolated in your experience.

Couple with their Baby
Happy Dad

Did you know approximately 1 in 10 fathers or partners will experience a PMAD, too? This number increases significantly if the mother or birthing partner is experiencing a PMAD. Symptom presentation may be different than the mother or birthing partner. Symptoms can present as irritability, impulsivity, increasing withdraw, and lack of enjoyment in once pleasurable activities.  This can negatively impact relationships and even bonding. Often fathers and partners are told to "just suck it up" or "just get over it." It's not that simple though is it? If it were, you would've already done it. I will help you get to feeling better and more confident in yourself and your role. 

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