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Perinatal Mental Health


Perinatal loss is unfortunately not recognized by our society and often viewed as taboo. This is what is called, disenfranchised grief, or an unseen grief that is not recognized or validated by society. People in society tend to minimize perinatal loss with comments such as, "it wasn't meant to be. It's been years-- you should be over it by now." Or, they offer the insensitive, unhelpful "at least" comments such as, "At least you weren't pregnant that long. At least you're still young and can try again. At least you still have [insert child, spouse, family member]." This is painful and can feel extremely dismissive of your baby and your experience. If you have experienced perinatal loss, I am here to help support you and recognize that not everyone's grief is experienced or processed the same. We'll work together on doing what is best for you. 

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