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Adult Mental Health


Feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of adulting? Trying to find a good work/life balance? Finding yourself stuck in a cycle of dating or being attracted to all the “wrong people?” Having a hard time prioritizing your life and setting firm, healthy boundaries? Dr. Goff can help. Life can often feel just “too much” and you find yourself wanting to do and be better but when you stop to try and figure it out, it’s all too much and overwhelming. So, you do nothing instead because it’s easier to just avoid. Sound like you? You aren’t alone! Dr. Goff can help you prioritize your needs, get you out of that constant feeling of just trying to keep your head above water, stop avoiding, and determine what’s drawing you to all the “wrong people.”


Dr. Goff has years of experience working with college students, young professionals, adults, entrepreneurs, and business owners on these issues.   

A Young Woman Writing
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